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Human Resources


Internship Description

CWU Group is excited to offer an internship in Human resource (HR). This is a great opportunity for any student interested in pursuing a career in Human resource (HR), as it will provide them with the chance to gain real-world experience.

The intern will be responsible for assisting CWU Group’s Human resource (HR) team with a variety of tasks, including conducting research, developing recruitment processes, and managing attrition in business. This is a paid internship, and the hours are flexible to accommodate the intern’s schedule. CWU Group is committed to providing a positive and professional experience for all interns, and we are looking forward to having the intern join our team.

How H.R. training works?

Internship Perks


Come and learn with us..!! Recruitment , development, Package discussions, management, Audits, and many more to learn.


Gain real time experience in all the fields of Human resource (HR) and excel yourself through the journey as HR.

Get A Job

Internship with us could get you a job anywhere you desire for. We guarantee you the ease of getting the job like no other place.

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Roles & responsibilities

A Human resource (HR) is responsible for identifying and developing new business opportunities for their company. They work closely with other departments within the organisation to ensure that all potential resources are aware of the company’s products or services. In order to be successful in this role, a Human resource (HR) manager must have strong research, analysis, and communication skills.

They must be able to identify trends and market changes that could impact their business. Additionally, they must be able to develop and implement strategies to capture retention of the resources in the business.


  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent
  • Ready to learn the advanced skills.
  • Creative skills
Designed for all levels

Human resource (HR) internship program is designed in such a way that anyone can have their hands on it despite the characterization.

hands-on learning

Gain the experience while learning itself, so that you can understand each and every aspect crystal clear.

Power of community

Get connected to the giant community that allows you to explore the world of Human resource (HR) around you.


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